Sniper: US Phantom of Borders for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  Uk Arts Games
  • Category:  Shooter
  • Age rating:  16+
  • Processors:  x86, neutral
  • Downloads:  53
Sniper: US Phantom of Borders
Close to impossible sniper missions at borderlines, US Marine Phantom arrives to secure borders and eliminate enemy high value targets in territory. Sniper Assassin receives commands on wireless communication, act accordingly, do not rush for killing targets otherwise ordered, and in timely manner. Sniper Phantom is an modern American marine elite shooter call for action at war zone.

Proceed through dangerous levels and challenging objective as you play. Defend borderlines, be the real American sniper take risks in sniper shooting missions. Modern American marines trained you for taking head shots and killing enemies in battle zone.

Utilize high caliber rifle, long range bullets, highest velocity and energy for heavy damage, and camouflage suit. Equip yourself with Barrett .50 Cal (American), high detailed optics for zoom, having the capacity of more than 2.5km shoot range before going into the war field.

Are you ready for the Challenge to survive? Pull out deadly gun start Playing missions alone in army sniper shooting to conquer the modern war in thriller combat of battle.

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